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Darshan Bansal

Sanjeev Bansal

Lal Singh Nagar, Near Balaji mandir,Bathinda (Punjab), India

Mobile : 93562-20242

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Bansal Flour Mill

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About Us

We theBansal Flour mill people deem it a pride privilege to bring to you our antecedents. It is a profile of stead fast growth from a tiny establishment and a modest chakki having grown into a renowned house of millers with huge and modern chakki plant supported by abiding goodwill of happy consumers.


This goodwill has been won by us over a period of five decades for honest trade practices consistent preservation of product quality standards and consumer friendly price line. These ideals  enshrined in the organization at its  inception have never been lost sight of, in every activity related to it adversity of circumstances & competition not withstanding. Our motto has never been to join the mad pursuit of success at any cost or worship of Mammon, instead we chose to build our reputation on the trust, goodwill and nutritional well being of the consumer.


Our uncompromising value based dealings have won us friends in all the grain markets of North and we enjoy priority access to choicest stock of wheat so crucial to the quality of our produce.


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On inheriting the reins of the ancestral enterprise in early eighties, we re-vowed our pledge not only to hold high their lofty ideals but also to elevate the production process to match the changed tastes and life-styles. By 1990 the whole traditional setup was scrapped and replaced by a totally new process which incorporated the latest technology to process super quality wheat into superb flour. We did not stay-put here for long as we wanted to expand and reach out to vaster consumers. In 1994, the present plant "Bansal Flour Mills" was conceived. It took up 3 years, our in-line experience of two generations and sifting of years of market feedback to select, innovate and even fabricate certain sections of the plant, apart from installing the latest machinery units manufactured by the most reputed firms in the trade. The main objective was to incorporate the latest technology practised abroad by adapting it to suit Indian temperament.

The technology being applied is totally different from the traditional sudden death method, process of instant conversion of wheat straight into atta. Technically speaking, it is now processed by "Order Wise" method which means wheat is broken, grinded in many stages and sieved every time when reduced smaller and smaller until it reaches its ultimate shape/ size of atta. This process does not generate excess heat thus preserving its maximum nutritional value which is contrary to the traditional method which substantially reduces the nutritional contents of flour.


It is also made sure in wheat cleaning that all the impurities are screened size-wise i.e. under-size and over-size. Then impurities of same size of wheat are removed with the help of air-suction i.e. into lighter/heavier foreign materials. Not only once, twice but many time cleaning checks result into only grains of wheat. The dust adherent to the outer surface of grain is then removed by scouring the wheat with the help of scourer (a machine). Where after it is water treated and conditioned for a specific time. Then it is passed on to grinding/ milling section for ultimate processing.